Matt Gaetz, Sex Trafficker?

Recent reports suggest Rep. Matt Gaetz may have been involved in paying women for sex. And, in one case, one of those “women” may have been 17.

Of course, Gaetz denies the charges. And claims the charges are linked to some far-fetched plan to extort $25 million from his family.

Let’s take a closer look at Matt Gaetz… his history… and just how reliable he may be.

The best place to start? With one of Gaetz’s closest allies… Tucker Carlson. Well, a one-time ally, anyway.

Carlson: “I Don’t Remember…”

You’d think one of the safest harbors for right-wing operatives would be Tucker Carlson’s show. Carlson is a reliable GOP hack.

But when Gaetz tried to recruit Carlson to his cause, Carlson replied, “I, I don’t remember the woman you’re speaking of or the context at all, honestly.”

Gaetz had tried to link Carlson to a dinner he claimed Carlson and his wife attended with Gaetz and a particular woman. But Carlson was having nothing to do with it. After the interview, Carlson commented, “That was one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement. If Tucker Carlson won’t back you up, who will?

Maybe we should look at Matt Gaetz’s history for a clue to his lack of support…

Not Exactly a Sympathetic Figure

Gaetz isn’t exactly a sympathetic figure. Take a Northwest Florida Daily News report from May 2014 as an example. The paper points out Gaetz had racked up “17 tickets since 1999.” His May 2014 careless driving ticket added 4 points to his license.

In Okaloosa County, Gaetz had accumulated 11 tickets during that time… including 6 for speeding.

And that’s hardly all Matt Gaetz has done to alienate voters.

  • Gaetz was the lone member of Congress to vote against a sex trafficking bill in 2017. His current troubles seem to suggest a reason for the vote.
  • Six years earlier, he was nearly alone in opposing a revenge porn bill in the Florida legislature.
  • In 2018, Gaetz invited a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union address.
  • A Gaetz tweet from Feb 2019 appeared to threaten Michael Cohen – Trump’s former “fixer” – if Cohen spoke out against Trump.
  • In 2019, Gaetz attacked a parent of one of the Parkland shooting victims. Gaetz claimed immigrants were to blame for most gun violence. When a Parkland victim’s father objected, Gaetz tried to have him ejected from the meeting.
  • In 2020, FL Rep Chris Latavala accused Matt Gaetz of creating a sex game within the Florida legislature. The game reportedly assigned points for “bedding” various legislative members and aides.
  • In March of 2020, Gaetz wore a gas mask on the House floor to mock those who warned of the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus.

And now we have another – perhaps more serious – scandal.

Sex With a Teen?

The U.S. Justice Dept. is investigating Matt Gaetz. For trafficking a teenager for sex.

Let’s keep this in perspective: This investigation was opened under Bill Barr, Trump’s lapdog Attorney General. Barr apparently squelched all but the most egregious violations by Trump associates.

So, if he let this investigation move forward, it doesn’t bode well for Gaetz.

Gaetz is under investigation for sex with a minor… paying for her inter-state travel… payments to sex workers to travel internationally… and more.

Hitting a Moving Target

Hitting a stationary target is one thing. Hitting a moving target is another. And Gaetz is a moving target for two reasons..

First, the accusations against Gaetz seem to grow worse every day. It’s almost impossible to keep up. And, second, he keeps changing the subject. He points at his political enemies… or the media. Without every really answering most charges directly.

At best, Gaetz issues generic denials. Faced with multiple – and credible – charges of paying for sex, Gaetz simply issues a blanket statement he’s never paid for sex.

In spite of Venmo payments that suggest he has. But does he address specific accusations? No.

Payments made to women for reasons such as “*ss” go unaddressed… while Gaetz proclaims innocence.

Even Gaetz’s sister says he’s full of… well, let’s call it bull.

As Huffpost reported, Matt Gaetz sister, Erin, tweeted against the “stop the steal” movement. Erin Gaetz didn’t call out her brother by name. But Huffpost reports she admitted to at least one person “she [wholly] disagrees with him.”

But let’s keep one key point in mind…

Every revelation makes the case against Gaetz worse. Nobody’s come forward with any exculpatory evidence. The rathole just gets deeper and deeper. And it’s hard to keep up.

So where do you go with this? With the preponderance of the evidence. Which points to a sordid past.

Dumping the Trumpiest of Trump Cheerleaders

Donald Trump apparently paid thousands to keep two high-profile affairs quiet. He admitted to sexually assaulting multiple women. And he lied more than 30,000 times during his presidency.

Matt Gaetz is one of Trump’s most ardent supporters. So, is it any stretch to believe he’s emulated his idol? Especially with witnesses saying he openly shared naked videos of his  conquests on the House floor?

His Bahama’s trip with a marijuana “entrepreneur” who paid for women to accompany them. And his association with Joel Greenberg – a former Seminole County tax collector facing more than 30 federal charges. Including sex trafficking of a minor.

A minor Gaetz himself may have had relations with.

And don’t blame this on the Biden Justice Department. The Gaetz investigation began under Trump’s most pliable Attorney General, Bill Barr. Imagine how serious Barr must have considered Gaetz’s behavior to open an investigation into one of Trump’s most ardent supporters.

Even Gaetz’s own sister says he’s full of… well, let’s call it bull.

As Huffpost reported, Matt Gaetz sister, Erin, tweeted against the “stop the steal” movement. Erin Gaetz didn’t call out her brother by name. But Huffpost reports she admitted to at least one person “she [wholly] disagrees with him.”

Trump’s own Justice Department – and his own sister – don’t support Gaetz. So why should you?

Face it, Republicans, this pro Trump “leader” is leading you into disaster. Maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities.


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