Our “Divisive” President

What are all these GOP folks complaining about? Biden needs to be less divisive? Jeebus Crikey Moses! Consider this:

  • We now have a woman “Blindian” Veep
  • Biden’s proposed the most diverse cabinet in American history
  • He’s delivered an unbroken message of unity since the election.

Divisive? As Inigo Montoya famously said to Vizzini, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

And now even the Left is starting to complain. Because Biden isn’t going far enough fast enough. Forget that he’s done more good for the country in four days than Trump did in four years.

At least give the guy a week to settle in.

So far, I think Joe is doing a great job. He promised to start reversing some of Trump’s worst policies from day one… and that’s exactly what he’s done. (Unlike his predecessor’s “from Day One” promises.)

  • Millions of “Dreamer” immigrants protected
  • The Muslim ban reversed
  • He’s taken serious steps to address the pandemic
  • He’s proposed financial protections for the most vulnerable Americans
  • He’s re-engaged with the world through the Paris Accord and W.H.O.
  • He’s restored environmental protections.
  • And, of course, he redecorated the Oval Office. (Bye-bye, Jackson.)

Most importantly, he hasn’t gone golfing once since taking the oath of office.

Speaking of oaths, look at that family Bible he swore on. You take an oath on that thing, and you’d better mean it. That Bible almost proclaims God will strike you down if you break your word. (“Hey! I’d have let it go if you’d sworn on a paperback copy of Good News for Modern Man. But you took your oath on a real Bible. I had no choice.”)

I haven’t been keeping score, but one of the talking heads on the news mentioned Biden is only our second Catholic prez. I knew Kennedy was the first… but I hadn’t been paying attention since. That means we had a Quaker in the White House (Nixon) before our 2nd Catholic. Maybe we should adjust “white privilege” to “WASP privilege.”

Meanwhile, look at Biden’s picks for top posts: blacks, Hispanics, women, gays… and did I see an Asian in the mix? Plus – drum roll, please – these are people with experience and expertise. People who actually know what they’re doing. Merrick Garland for AG? Both a good choice and a sick burn on the GOP. Nicely played, sir!

I have no doubt Biden will try to reach across the aisle. Just as Obama did in the early days of his administration. But I fear he’ll get the same chilly reception.

Don’t you find it odd that pretty much the entire Republican party had a note on their childhood report cards that read: “Does not play well with others?” As if it were a GOP pre-requisite for holding office?

Look at the AZ GOP. They censured Cindy McCain, former Sen. Flake, and their own sitting governor for not supporting Trump’s conspiracy theories. (Plus, two of them flat out said they wouldn’t vote for Trump.) Much of the party appears to be digging in its heels. No compromise allowed.

But Biden is being too divisive.