Losing Battle After Battle, Trump’s Slow-Moving Coup Slogs On

On Friday, December 4, Team Trump lost six more election-related lawsuits.

As of November 23, NBC News reports Trump and his allies have filed over 50 election-related suits. With Friday’s decisions, their win-loss record stands, at best, at 44 and 1. And that win affected less than 100 votes.

Perhaps the most outrageous suit was just filed by Texas Atty. General Ken Paxton. Paxton is suing four states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. His suit claims these states “skewed” election results by changing voting rules because of the pandemic.

According to MSN.com, Paxton’s Michigan counterpart was not impressed. Dana Nessel called the suit “a publicity stunt,” and claimed Paxton “a partisan official” who “… place[s] loyalty to a person over loyalty to their country.”

If You Can’t Win It, Steal It

Republican court losses have often come when pleading in front of “friendly” judges. That is, conservative jurists appointed by Republicans.

And judges haven’t just dismissed these cases. The dismissals often come with harsh words. As when US District Judge Matthew Brann noted “… this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations…” Brann went on to call the suit “unsupported by evidence.”

Faced with these mounting losses, Trump changed tack. He began pressuring Republican officials directly to overturn the results. Thus far, Trump has reached out to election officials in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Trump’s simple request: Reject the certified results and appoint electors loyal to him. In other words, just end democracy.

So far, he’s had some luck. Four state senators in Georgia have begun a petition to hold a special session of the legislature. And 60 legislators from Pennsylvania are doing their part for Trump. They’ve sent a letter to the state’s Congressional delegation asking them to reject the state’s vote.

Needless to say, these champions of voter rights are all members of the GOP.

Even worse, the U.S. Congress is getting in on the act.

Putting Party Before Patriotism

The election was held on November 4. One month later, the Washington Post found most GOP members of Congress won’t admit Biden won.

The post contacted the offices of all 249 Congressional Republicans. Only 27 – barely 10% –were willing to say Biden won. And just 32 said they’d accept Biden as president if he were confirmed by the Electoral College.

Keep in mind that Trump’s own election cybersecurity chief and Attorney General have said there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Here’s another important consideration: California certified its election results on Friday, Dec. 4. As the Associated Press reported, that locks in a winning number of electors for Biden (279). And, in most states, electors are bound by law to vote for the candidate who won the majority of its votes.

So, why is Team Trump still fighting? And why are Congressional Republicans remaining silent?

The stakes are big for Trump. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn into office. And Trump loses the protection of presidential immunity from prosecution. That’s when all his legal chickens come back to roost.

For his party, it’s the fear of Trump. Or, rather, his voters. Vast numbers of GOP voters are still on board the Trump Train. Even though it went over a cliff a month ago. A word from Trump can still end their careers.

So, they remain silent, while Trump’s doomed coup attempt grinds on… further dividing an already fractured nation. And you should keep that GOP silence in mind the next time you find yourself in a voting booth.



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