Republicans Adore Socialism… But Only for the Rich

You hear the Right’s new battle cry all the time now – even from the President… “America will ever be a socialist country!”

Yes, evil socialism has raised its ugly head once again. And the Democrats are trying to force it upon us. Except we’ve had socialism for generations. And it’s mostly the rich who now benefit.

Don’t believe me? How about we deal in a few facts… instead of the fear-mongering the Right likes to use?

“Keep Your Goddamn Government Hands Off My Medicare!”

The rise of the Tea Party brought us plenty of forehead-slapping moments. But none quite as idiotic as these limited-government fans defending their most precious rights.

At multiple rallies, Tea Partiers displayed crude handmade signs reading “Keep Your Goddamn Government Hands Off My Medicare!” – or something similar.

Except Medicare is a government program. And a socialist one. If you’re over 65, chances are you love socialism. Because Social Security is alsoa socialist program. Medicaid? Socialist. Most veterans’ benefits programs? Yup… socialist.

My dad had a government-issued vets’ life insurance policy. It was only $10,000… but it was cheap. And the annual dividend – for every year I oversaw his finances – was larger than the premium.

As a WW II vet, he also qualified for government-sponsored healthcare. After the war, he and his young family lived in housing just for vets – and built with government subsidies. Uncle Sam underwrote education benefits for vets. If he’d wanted a civil service job, the government would have given my dad extra points on the civil service exams.

I’m not opposed to any of these benefits. Our vets deserve plenty of consideration. But veterans’ benefits are a good example of socialism at work.

But there’s a darker side to socialism. The side Republicans don’t want you to see.

The Handouts the Right Doesn’t Want Cut

To pay for Trump’s tax breaks for corporations and the rich, the GOP wants you to accept cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. But they’re not farm subsidiestalking about cuts to corporate welfare. And corporate welfare is huge.

Take the fossil fuel industry. Vox News reports that direct federal subsidies to fossil fuel companies come to $14.7 billion dollars every year. State subsidies add another $5.8 billion to the total.

And those are just the direct subsidies. The International Monetary Fund estimates indirect subsidies to fossil fuel producers are many times higher.

That’s billions in corporate welfare the Right not only accepts… but jealously protects. Even as they call for cuts to retirees’ health coverage.

Here’s another interesting fact: 17% of fossil fuel subsidies are for “remediation.” That is, Uncle Sam paid up the bill for cleaning up the environmental mess fossil fuel companies left behind.

Another great socialist program benefitting the rich? Farm subsidies.

Starting in the 1930s, Washington used subsidies to keep struggling farmers afloat through such disasters as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Since then, much of the money poured into these programs has benefitted the rich.

Forbes Magazinereported on data showing just how far the abuse has gone.

  • A quarter of farm subsidies are now paid to farms earning over $250,000 a year.
  • “Farms” in locations such as New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia receive millions in subsidies every year. From 2015 through 2017, $140,000 went to zip code 90210. Yes… that’s Beverly Hills!
  • 6,618 agricultural enterprises have taken in at least $1 million in federal subsidies every year since 2018.
  • The owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves received $116,502 in farm subsidies in 2017. He’s #350 on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans.
  • In 2017, Uncle Sam paid farmers $1.8 billion to notfarm their land.

Here’s the kicker: In 2017, farm subsidies went to a dozen members of Congress. Their haul? $637,059. And that’s on top of their Congressional salary.

All of this is socialism. It’s the government pooling tax money to pay out to those “in need.” Except, with corporate welfare, there’s often no need. Just greed.

Keep in mind, these are just some of the payouts in only two categories of corporate welfare. Payouts members of Congress seem unwilling to talk about – let alone cut.

And then there’s the Trump tax “reform.”

Handouts for the Rich… Benefit Cuts for the Poor

If you’re under 60, you probably don’t remember Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was a war hero. The Supreme Allied Commander in Western Europe during World War II. A career military man. Wildly popular at home. And the 34thpresident of the U.S.

Eisenhower – a Republican – served two terms.

He also warned Americans against “the Military-Industrial Complex” and served when the highest marginal tax rate was 90%. Yes… 90%. And he made no moves to lower it.

Eisenhower also saw the minimum wage increased… the creation of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW)… and an expansion of Social Security. Eisenhower wasn’t perfect, but he certainly saw the benefits of socialism.

That’s a far cry from today’s Republican Party. Trump’s tax cuts benefitted mainly the rich and big corporations. Middle class voters saw cuts to withholding… but often discovered their tax bills hadn’t gone down at all. In fact, many found their tax liability was higher.

Meanwhile, corporations poured most of their new-found riches into boosting share value by buying back stock. This made shareholders richer. But the promised “trickle down” pay increases for workers were few and far between.

The rich became richer. The dwindling middle class now struggles to keep their heads above water. And the poor have been all but abandoned.

Yet socialism is alive and well in the Trump era. It’s just that the Republican version of socialism benefits the rich, while making the rest of us poorer.


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“Entitlement” Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

The Right likes to lump all social welfare programs together… and label them “entitlement programs.” The implication is that people feel entitled to giveaways.

Food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, Medicare, and Social Security. According to the Right, these entitlement programs are draining money needed for other important programs. So, it’s only fair that when America feels the pinch, those on entitlement programs should, too.

But – as so often is the case – the Right has misrepresented the situation. Here’s the truth they don’t want you to know…

Social Security Is Really a Government-Backed IRA

Most of today’s adults have been paying into the Social Security system their entire working lives. It’s a legal requirement for most of us. And if you’re self-employed, you’ve been paying double what others pay.

You’ve been setting aside money for your retirement. But, in this case, your “IRA” – your Individual Retirement Account – is with Uncle Sam. When you retire, Uncle Sam is supposed to pay you back for all those savings… with interest. Just like an IRA would.

This is a true entitlement program… because you are entitled to that money. That is, you earned it… you set it aside… and you should get it back when you retire. It’s not that you feel you should get something you didn’t earn. You have a right to that money. Because it’s yours.

Medicare is similar. You’ve been paying to fund your Medicare coverage for most – or all – of your adult life. You’ve been making regular payments against an insurance policy for your retirement years.

Medicare isn’t a government handout. It’s an insurance policy you bought and paid for during a career that probably spanned 45 years or more.

Social Security and Medicare are true entitlement programs. They aren’t a giveaway from a benevolent government. You’ve earned the right to collect by investing your hard-earned income in these programs.

But here’s where things go wrong.

Your Retirement Fund Has Become Congress’s Personal Piggy Bank

Members of Congress have a sweet deal. They earn an above-average income. They’re vested in their pension plan after just 5 years. And the average annual Congressional retirement benefit is over $60,000 a year. But it’s not Social Security.

Of course, since the system is rigged to favor incumbents, many members of Congress pad their pension payouts for decades. In 2014, CNN Money found 617 former members of Congress collecting pensions.

Meanwhile, what has Congress been doing with your retirement fund?

Using it to cover budget shortfalls. That’s right: Congress has been spending your retirement nest egg to make up for their inability to make tough budget decisions. And to curry favor to ensure re-election. (To earn bigger pensions for themselves.)

How else do you explain Alaska’s infamous “bridge to nowhere”? Or programs like the Osprey – an aircraft the military never wanted?

And – in their ultimate display of cynicism – the Right wants to cut the retirement benefits you’ve already paid for to make up for the tax breaks they’ve given to America’s wealthiest individuals.

Warren Buffet once pointed out he paid a lower effective tax rate than his secretary. Even though his earnings were in the billions. And that was before the crippling Trump tax cuts!

It’s All About the Racism… and Greed

Here’s a shocker: The beneficiaries of programs like Medicaid and food stamps are overwhelmingly white. More than twice as many white families get Medicaid benefits than black families… and they collect food stamps at a 50% higher rate than blacks, as well.

A report from NBC News suggests Trump isn’t able to wrap his head around this. After one proposed cut to welfare programs, a member of Congress told Trump the cuts would harm non-black constituents. His response? “Really? Then what are they?”

Forty years after the Reagan presidency, his “welfare queen” myth still persists on the Right.

Some Americans may have advanced since Reagan took office… But it seems pretty clear his racist ideology is alive and well on the Right today.

Congress ensured their own retirement while throwing away the average American’s savings. Then, the Right blamed it all on African Americans.

Now they’ve screwed you again by giving big tax breaks to the rich… while saying they need to cut the retirement benefits you’ve already paid for.

If that sounds obscene… it’s because it is. Enrich the already rich… and blame any pain on non-whites. This scenario has worked well for the Right for so long.

It’s why the wealth gap has grown to such ridiculous proportions. Congress has helped the rich grow richer at your expense… and then gone along with the story that it’s all because of racial minorities getting a few bucks to feed their kids.

The truth is… Rightists in Congress have won re-election by wasting your retirement fund on questionable projects. Then blaming a relatively small number of people of color for the financial shortfall that results.

Here’s the bottom line: You’ve earned your retirement by paying into it year after year… Any shortfalls are due to Congress using your retirement fund to pay for their own boondoggles… And blaming social welfare programs as a cover for Congress’ failure to act in your best interest.

Dock the Thieves; Not the Victims

Members of Congress stole your retirement fund… not members of some ethnic group. When CNN Money reviewed Congressional pensions in 2014, they found 617 former members were collecting an average of $60,250 a year.

Why should these clowns – who enjoyed perks and benefits throughout their time in Washington – live a lavish lifestyle at your expense? Especially when they stole your retirement to make up for their inability to make tough budget decisions.

Now these crooks expect you to make do with macaroni… while they enjoy filet mignon.

You earned your retirement benefits. You paid faithfully into a system that Congress systematically raped. It’s time for a reckoning.

Demand your rights – and your retirement. Don’t let the Right rob you again… to fund their own cushy retirement.

Let your representatives in Washington know: You’re sick of their B.S. You’ve invested in your retirement for decades. If anyone should pay a penalty, it should be those who stole your savings.

Find out how to contact your Representative and Senators at Then tell them how you really feel.

Because, if you don’t, you can kiss your retirement investment good-bye.