Our “Divisive” President

What are all these GOP folks complaining about? Biden needs to be less divisive? Jeebus Crikey Moses! Consider this:

  • We now have a woman “Blindian” Veep
  • Biden’s proposed the most diverse cabinet in American history
  • He’s delivered an unbroken message of unity since the election.

Divisive? As Inigo Montoya famously said to Vizzini, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

And now even the Left is starting to complain. Because Biden isn’t going far enough fast enough. Forget that he’s done more good for the country in four days than Trump did in four years.

At least give the guy a week to settle in.

So far, I think Joe is doing a great job. He promised to start reversing some of Trump’s worst policies from day one… and that’s exactly what he’s done. (Unlike his predecessor’s “from Day One” promises.)

  • Millions of “Dreamer” immigrants protected
  • The Muslim ban reversed
  • He’s taken serious steps to address the pandemic
  • He’s proposed financial protections for the most vulnerable Americans
  • He’s re-engaged with the world through the Paris Accord and W.H.O.
  • He’s restored environmental protections.
  • And, of course, he redecorated the Oval Office. (Bye-bye, Jackson.)

Most importantly, he hasn’t gone golfing once since taking the oath of office.

Speaking of oaths, look at that family Bible he swore on. You take an oath on that thing, and you’d better mean it. That Bible almost proclaims God will strike you down if you break your word. (“Hey! I’d have let it go if you’d sworn on a paperback copy of Good News for Modern Man. But you took your oath on a real Bible. I had no choice.”)

I haven’t been keeping score, but one of the talking heads on the news mentioned Biden is only our second Catholic prez. I knew Kennedy was the first… but I hadn’t been paying attention since. That means we had a Quaker in the White House (Nixon) before our 2nd Catholic. Maybe we should adjust “white privilege” to “WASP privilege.”

Meanwhile, look at Biden’s picks for top posts: blacks, Hispanics, women, gays… and did I see an Asian in the mix? Plus – drum roll, please – these are people with experience and expertise. People who actually know what they’re doing. Merrick Garland for AG? Both a good choice and a sick burn on the GOP. Nicely played, sir!

I have no doubt Biden will try to reach across the aisle. Just as Obama did in the early days of his administration. But I fear he’ll get the same chilly reception.

Don’t you find it odd that pretty much the entire Republican party had a note on their childhood report cards that read: “Does not play well with others?” As if it were a GOP pre-requisite for holding office?

Look at the AZ GOP. They censured Cindy McCain, former Sen. Flake, and their own sitting governor for not supporting Trump’s conspiracy theories. (Plus, two of them flat out said they wouldn’t vote for Trump.) Much of the party appears to be digging in its heels. No compromise allowed.

But Biden is being too divisive.

GOP Leaders: The Constitution Is Now Optional

With a year left in his second term, Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Garland is well-respected by both the Left and the Right. His qualifications are clear. And his record is spotless. His nomination should have breezed through the Senate. Instead, it never came up for a vote.

Instead, the Senate majority leader – Mitch McConnell – refused to allow Garland even an interview. Let alone a vote. Although the next election was a year away, McConnell insisted voters should have a voice in the decision.

Of course, McConnell quickly cited the Constitution’s “voters’ voice” rule in Article… Um. No. Hold on a minute. There is no “voters’ voice” reference regarding the confirmation of judges. The concept is just something McConnell invented to prevent President Obama from naming a Supreme Court justice.

Welcome to the Republicans’ world… where following the Constitution is strictly optional.

Beware the Phony Emoluments Clause

For more than 200 years, politicians on both sides of the aisle took the Constitution to be the law of the land. Apparently, they were mistaken.

Donald Trump has declared the Emoluments Clause “phony” and impeachment “a hoax” and a “witch hunt.”

His press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham – along with other Republicans – have termed the inquiry a “kangaroo court.” As has Trump.

Never mind the process is enshrined in the Constitution. And the GOP used it with glee to attack Bill Clinton. Suddenly, aspects of the Constitution have become “phony.”

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration – with the explicit support of its Congressional allies – has sought to hinder or delegitimize every aspect of the inquiry.

Claiming non-existent powers to prevent Congressional testimony. Pointing to positive economic numbers to “prove” the inquiry is a sham. Even attacking a decorated military officer – and Trump aide – when his honest testimony wasn’t favorable to Trump.

All while trying to gloss over…

  • How Trump’s businesses have raked in millions from foreign governments. Such as a lobbyist for Saudi interests rented hundreds of nights in Trump’s Washington hotel.
  • Trump sticking taxpayers with over $100 million in bills for stays at his own properties.
  • Trump trying to schedule next year’s G7 summit at one of his own golf properties.

All of which Trump’s Congressional defenders appear more than willing to forgive. Especially since Trump is luring Senatorial support with cash.

Cash “Trumps” the Constitution

Donald Trump speaks one language… and one language only. Cash.

Wealth is Trump’s one measure of worth. And spreading it to gain influence his one measure of power.

Which helps explain why Trump is flexing his fundraising muscles to help vulnerable Republican senators. As long as they stand behind him.

If the House votes to impeach, the trial will be held in the Senate. And Trump desperately wants a favorable majority in the Senate.

One way to ensure that is to keep his supporters in office. So, Trump has been “co-fundraising” with GOP Senators whose seats are in peril. At least, those who are reliably in his corner.

Sometime critics – like Maine’s Susan Collins – have been frozen out.

Stand behind Trump, and his influence with mega-donors is yours to exploit. Cross him, and you have to rely on actual voter support to retain your seat.

Politico points out how backing Trump has helped some of the GOP’s most vulnerable senators. “The donors listen to the president,” former George W. Bush aide Scott Jennings, “and he has the most capacity to energize small-dollar contributions by making the case that he needs a Senate majority to be successful.”

In other words, Trump is buying support in the Senate. If he can ensure a senatorial majority in 2020… any impeachment trial could be doomed to failure. Not based on facts, but on cronyism.

For all practical intents and purposes, Trump is attempting to buy support in the Senate.

Call me crazy – and I’m sure the GOP will – but I’m pretty sure that’s not in the Constitution.


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