What’s Wrong With Joe Biden?

It seems like everyone’s mad at Joe Biden.

No matter what Biden does, somebody thinks he should be doing more. Barely two months into his administration, and folks are lining up to complain. Everyone seems to have forgotten the situation we’re in.

We’re in the midst of a pandemic. Over half a million Americans have died in just over a year. And many of the deaths could have been prevented. If the previous administration hadn’t denied and dithered for months. Then chose to ignore the problem for the most part.

Sure, there was “Operation Light Speed.” But keep in mind, the first vaccine approved was from Pfizer. A company that never participated in Lightspeed. So, let’s not give too much credit where little seems due.

It Just Gets Worse

Then there’s the economy. It’s in shambles. Again, the previous administration’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously crippled the economy. A national mask mandate might have made all the difference early on. But Biden’s predecessor wouldn’t hear of it. And Covid ran rampant through the White House.

Then there’s the government itself.

Hundreds of executive posts went unfilled – some for years. Many positions were filled with “acting” officials, as the administration never brought them up for Senate approval. Hundreds of other positions that were filled were filled with political hacks.

The administration nominated unqualified and ethically challenged people for scores of key positions. Including cabinet posts. Many were forced to resign amidst scandal.

This is what Joe Biden faced on January 20th. Along with an evenly divided Senate. Which means he needs every Democratic and Independent member of the Senate on board to pass anything. And then, only because V.P. Harris can cast the deciding vote.

Meanwhile, the sniping has started from all sides.

Facing the Disloyal Opposition

Almost every major bill introduced in the House has met with unified Republican resistance. Not a single Republican voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package. Most opposed renewing the Violence Against Women Act. The same with the For the People Act – major voting rights legislation.

For crying out loud, some Republicans even voted against honoring the Capitol Police for putting their lives on the line during the January 6th insurrection.

These are not the positions of a party concerned with the welfare of the average American. Or the continuance of our Democracy.

So, what are the GOP’s positions?

Well, they’re generally in a tizzy over a half-dozen children’s books going out of print. Because these Dr. Seuss books have racist undertones.

They’re concerned about “cancel culture,” because it discriminates against the Right. In fact, they say it’s absolutely silencing voices on the Right. A horror they broadcast on national television almost daily.

And, of course, they’re critical of Joe. Republican Party leadership is making a big deal that Joe hasn’t held a press conference in his first couple of months in office. “What’s he hiding?” they want to know.

But here’s a little tidbit to put that in perspective:

After his initial press conference after the 2016 election… Pres. Trump didn’t hold a press conference for over a year. That’s a modern record.

Yeah. The GOP is up in arms over Joe’s lack of press conferences, while their boy did much worse.

You know how else their boy did much worse? Golf. By the end of his 2nd month in office, Trump had visited his own golf clubs at least a dozen times. Biden’s record so far? Zero.

To be fair, the Obama Administration left Trump with a booming economy. So, Trump could afford to play golf. Joe Biden inherited an economy in tatters. He can’t.

For the record, the Government Accounting Office estimates Trump’s golf outings cost taxpayers about $145 million dollars. Know what else costs about $145 million?

1,450 Porsche 911s.

And Republicans aren’t the only complainers.

The Immigration Crisis and Other Stories

Folks on the Left are upset Biden hasn’t solved the immigration crisis. But let’s look at this rationally.

We’ve just endured four years of racist immigration policies. Biden has already reversed problems like the Muslim Ban. But the pressure has been building for four years.

Under Trump, a huge backlog of would-be immigrants built up along the border. Thousands of hopeful families wound up in squalid camps just over the border.

Meanwhile, Trump slowed immigration courts almost to a standstill. Case-loads built and built. He tore kids from their parents and housed them in cages. Many still haven’t been reunited. And Joe Biden walked into this mess.

In the midst of a pandemic and an economic crisis. To make matters worse, the Trump tax cuts cost the U.S. Government almost $2 trillion in revenue. Meaning the government has to do a lot more with a lot less.

So maybe folks should give Joe a break. He’s a human; not a wizard. Congress could help… But you know the GOP will fight tooth and nail to spoil any humanitarian moves.

Meanwhile, the Left also complains about Biden failing to address their environmental concerns. Well, he’s already begun to reverse some of the Trump Administration’s worst ecological and environmental damage. He’s done what he can with executive orders.

But Congress has to help by closing loopholes in laws that let polluters and other abusers get away with literal murder.

So what’s the bottom line?

The Left Needs to Work With Joe… Not Criticize Him

The political Left has been riding high, thanks to a few big wins and almost legendary heroes, like “the Squad.” But there’s also a lot of dirty work to be done in the trenches.

And that doesn’t always involve big wins.

Sometimes, incremental change is all we can expect. Especially when there are other big issues involved.

Like a deadly pandemic and a crippled economy.

Even a fairly popular president like Mr. Biden has limits. He can’t change everyone’s mind on everything all at once. But, the more he accomplishes in areas that concern the average American, the more capital he’ll have to make changes that don’t concern them as directly.

So, give the guy some slack. He beat his initial promise – 100 M Covid vaccine doses in 100 days – by 6 weeks. The guy has skills. Stop beating on him and start supporting him. The more you back his plans, the more yours will make progress.



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What Happened to Draining the Swamp?

Quick… What’s the “swampiest” political move you can think of?

If you answered, “Making sure your cronies don’t pay for their crimes,” you’re right.

Using your elective office for personal gain is pretty swampy. So is appointing your unqualified buddies to high office. But getting your cronies off scot-free after they’ve committed crimes? That takes swampy balls the size of watermelons.

Which has got to make Donald Trump the King of Swamp Monsters.

He Came to Drain the Swamp

In December 2016, Trump tweeted, “Someone incorrectly stated that the phrase ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’ was no longer being used by me. Actually, we will always be trying to DTS.”

And that’s one of the few truths I can find among Trumps many tweets and quotes. He used the phrase in June 2020 to push for Sen. David Purdue’s reelection. Trump needs Purdue, he said, to help Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again.

Side note: Well over than three years after becoming president, Trump admits he has neither drained the swamp nor made America great again. Sounds to me he’s admitting he’s failed. But, moving on…

In February 2020, Trump tweeted, “DRAIN THE SWAMP! We want bad people out of our government!”

Wait a minute. This guy took office in January 2017. Three years after taking the reins – and installing his hand-picked team at the head of every executive branch… Three years after taking office with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress… Three years after launching an unprecedented campaign to install friendly judges…

He’s still whining about draining the swamp?

Again, that sounds like failure to me. But here’s why he’s had such a hard time…

Bad Actors Don’t Make for Good Government

Back in February 2018 – barely a year after Trump took office – CNBC reported on his scandal-plagued administration. At that point, eight of Trump’s cabinet-level officials were already implicated in scandals.

  • Health and Human Services head Tom Price spent $900,000 of taxpayers’ money for trips on private or military jets… when commercial aircraft could have served the purpose.


  • David Shulkin, the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, made a rather shady trip to Europe. To begin with, Shulkin improperly charged his wife’s travel expenses to taxpayers. He also allowed staff to handle disallowed personal travel details. And wrongly accepted tickets to a sporting event


  • Environmental Protection Agency secretary Scott Pruitt also came under fire for travel. CNBC points out Pruitt improperly flew first class – at a substantial cost to taxpayers. Over a 3-month period, Pruitt was absent from his office 46% of the time.


  • Ben Carson? Trump’s head of Housing and Urban Development was accused of nepotism. His wife’s firm even “won” a $485,000 government contract in an unusual no-bid situation.


  • Ryan Zinke? The former Interior Department secretary had a little travel problem. He charge the government $12,735 for one trip from Las Vegas to Montana. The department inspector general (IG) complained that Zinke failed to keep complete records of his travel.


  • Steve Mnuchin? His use of military jets instead of commercial flights was questioned by Treasury’s IG. Not the least of his offenses: Charging taxpayers for his wife’s travel to Fort Knox.


I could go on… but what’s the point?

Wilbur Ross sleeps through meetings. Rick Perry didn’t know the Department of Energy was responsible for the nation’s nuclear weapons. Betsy DeVos knows almost nothing about education. Ad infinitum.

The point is, you can’t “drain the swamp” by putting crooked, greedy, or ignorant people in positions of power.

Which is exactly what Trump has done. To your detriment.

So how do you fight back?

Should We Really Drain the Swamp?

First, let’s think about swamps. They’re not bad places at all. In fact, swamps support healthy ecosystems around the Earth. The problem with swamps is when someone introduces toxins… which then leak out into other ecosystems.

The key isn’t to drain swamps – which destroys ecosystems. It’s to keep out the toxins.

Swamps are healthy ecosystems. Ecosystems that promote a healthy environment. Draining swamps leads to the death of healthy ecosystems.

Only short-sighted, destructive people say, “Drain the swamp,” without considering the consequences.

But that’s the point of the Trump administration. They want to drain the swamp… regardless of the consequences. Because they see short-term gain.

But the swamp is where countless creatures start their lives. The “swamp” is the primordial ooze of Democracy. And the antithesis of Trump’s fascist goals.

Should we drain the swamp? Or should we rid it of the toxic ooze that threatens its very existence? Maybe we should go with Mother Nature.


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Donald Trump, the “Chinese” Virus, and the Future of America

We all saw the picture of President Trump’s speech. A Washington Postphotographer snapped a frame of Trump’s prepared speech. And there it was: The word “Corona” was crossed out – with Trump’s beloved “Sharpie” – and replaced with “Chinese.”

Here he was again… assigning blame and, at the same time, tossing a little racism in the mix for his base. Is it any wonder we’ve seen a sharp uptick in racist acts against Asians? Of course, Trump has an excuse. “That’s where it originated,” he says.

But when he talks about H1N1, he doesn’t call it “the American virus.” Even though it was first identified here. I wonder how the President would feel if all the other countries called H1N1 “the American virus.” Can you imagine him remaining calm? I can’t.

But here we are, facing a deadly pandemic with our national response depending on the moods of a paranoid narcissist. Who seems comfortable with a little racism, to boot.

So, what’s really happening here? Let’s look at the timeline.

Donald Trump vs. COVID-19

When asked how he’d rate his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump was quick to respond.

“I’d rate it a 10. I think we’ve done a great job…” was his immediate response.

But here’s how Trump’s darling – Fox News – described it…

“President Trump on Monday gave his administration high marks for its response to the coronavirus,” Fox wrote, “despite criticisms for a shortage of testing kits and for his downplaying the severity of the pandemic.”

Even Trump’s most ardent cheer squad had to hedge its comments. Because – let’s face it – the White House response hasn’t been stellar.

In fact, the President tried to downplay the severity of the pandemic for weeks. And thus delayed our nation’s response. In the end, this could cost thousands of lives.

Most of Trump’s moves since then have followed suit: Delaying action that could slow the spread and save lives.

And making Trump’s response of “I’d rate it a 10” accurate only if it were on a scale of 1 – 100.

Trump Did Something Right… Almost. Then…

On Jan 31, Trump blocked entrance to the U.S. for most people who’d traveled to most of China in the last 14 days. But this didn’t apply to Macau or Hong Kong… or to U.S. citizens or lawful residents.

With these gaping exceptions, Trump made the only smart move he’d make for weeks. Weeks? His comments to downplay the severity date back to at least Jan 22.

On Feb 2 – in spite of a quiet move by HHS Secretary Alex Azar to declare the novel coronavirus a public health emergency – Trump tells Fox’s Sean Hannity, “Well, we pretty much shut it down coming in from China.”

On Feb 24, Trump asked for more than $1.75 billion in new and moved funding to fight the coronavirus threat. At the same time, Trump tweeted, “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

By Feb 25, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was saying a coronavirus pandemic wasn’t a matter of if, but of when. At the same time, Mitt Romney – a Republican – said he was disappointed the administration wasn’t doing more to prepare.

On the same day, Trump tweeted, “CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus…” On the 28th, he blamed the spread of coronavirus on the Democrats.

On March 5, Trump claimed partial victory. He compared U.S. numbers to those of other countries. And blamed “MSNDC” for publishing fake news.

On March 9, Trump tried to compare seasonal flu with COVID-19. We don’t shut down over the seasonal flu, he argued… so why should we over this novel coronavirus?

On March 10, Trump promised tests people couldn’t get. On the same day, he demanded more work on the wall to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The only problem? Cases were far more widespread in the U.S. than in Mexico.

On the 11th, he announced “payroll tax relief” and blamed the Democrats for slowing response. (In spite of the fact that payroll tax relief largely benefits employers.)

March 12 found Trump boasting about 4 million test kits soon to be available. “If you go to the right agency,” he claimed, “if you go to the right area, you get the test.”

On March 13 – more than seven weeks after COVID-19 arrived in the U.S.  – Trump declared a public health emergency. Meanwhile, the disease had spread widely.

March 17: Trump called for people to work at home, limit travel, and avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

On March 23, Trump tweeted, “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself…” Breitbart News said Trump was ready to start relaxing coronavirus restrictions.

On the 24th, he told America he’d “… love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go by Easter.”

Of course, Trump has since reversed himself on this… along with pretty much everything else he’s said about the COVID-19 virus.

But that’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Trump Ignored Specific Warnings

Trump claims nobody could have known such a pandemic could arise. But the Obama administration warned him of just such a threat during the transition.

In those days, the outgoing president’s team walked Trump’s incoming team through exactly the situation we face now. Along with all the necessary steps to take to defeat it.

Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, downplayed the exercise. “There’s no briefing,” Spicer said, “that can prepare you for a worldwide pandemic.” At least two Trump cabinet members – Wilber Ross and Rick Perry – attended the exercise.

Yup. Nobody could have foreseen exactly what you were warned about.

Then in January and February of 2020, the Trump administration was warned of the severity – and potential – of the coronavirus pandemic. By their own national security team. They chose to ignore those warnings.

Trump’s own intelligence agencies were warning of the severity of COVID-19. And Trump chose to ignore the warnings.

According to one Trump administration official, “Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were – they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it.”

Could the U.S. have reacted more quickly? It’s clear the answer is yes. Could we have saved lives? Unquestionably. Was the Trump administration part of the problem? That’s pretty hard to deny.

Should we give a second term to a man who deliberately and actively led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds – if not thousands – of Americans?

Not in our wildest dreams.

Donald Trump’s actions – or lack thereof – clearly led to many deaths. He should not be rewarded for this travesty. He should be relegated to the dumpster of history… A fate he richly deserves.



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Is This Our Best Defense Against COVID-19?

For weeks after a new, mysterious virus emerged in China, the President of the United States downplayed the threat. Even as the first cases cropped up in the U.S., Trump brushed off the seriousness of COVID-19.

It will just disappear miraculously, he claimed. It won’t stand up against April’s heat, he told us. Everything’s under control, he said. We have it contained. His surrogates – the Kellyanne Conways and Larry Kudlows – reinforced this demonstrably false view.

Meanwhile, the conservative media – led by Fox – spread the same story. One Fox host even claimed fear of COVID-19 was drummed up by the mainstream media and the Democrats as another impeachment attempt against the President.

As of this week, they’re all singing a different song. The hero Trump has acted swiftly to stem the tide of the pandemic. In spite of stumbling blocks left over from a certain previous administration.

Fortunately, most of the U.S. had access to real information the whole time. And lots of it. Thanks to our remaining independent newspapers.

Unparalleled Coverage – Right When We Need It

Sure, we have news programming on local TV stations. And a half-hour of news on the major networks. But the independence of these news sources was lost long ago.

You see, TV news was once treated as a public service. The FCC granted you a license, and you took a financial hit to report actual news to your viewers. Today, network and local news programming is expected to generate revenue. So more and more of those precious 22 – 44 minutes (after ad time is subtracted) are devoted to appealing fluff pieces.

Broadcast news carries less and less actual news every year. So, there’s little time to go in-depth on any key issues. And when they do, ratings concerns dictate a degree of sensationalism.

Cable channels like MSNBC and CNN fare a little better. But they’re still driven by advertising revenue. Which means you’ll see plenty of fluff on these channels, too. And lots of “infotainment.”

Blogs and news sites on the Internet generally get their news from more traditional sources. They’re really commentary sites. Most just parrot what they’ve read on network news or newspaper websites. Without their sources they’d dry up.

But newspapers have a tradition of in-depth coverage. Of digging into stories that are important – not just sensational. And of even-handed coverage.

That tradition has held on during the current health crisis. I get more – and more in-depth  – coverage of the COVID-19 story from my newspaper subscription than from any other source.

America’s struggling newspapers are still doing their job better than anyone else.

Freedom Isn’t Free

You know what’s interesting? How often network TV and cable news shows quote newspapers… and how rarely the opposite happens. If I had a nickel for every time CNN quoted the New York Times and the Washington Post, Bill Gates would be my pool boy.

In a world where newspapers are dropping like flies, they’re still ahead of the curve. If we let them die, our world will nearly go dark. And – make no mistake about it – far too many good papers are on life support.

Every time a local paper dies, Americans get a little less free. Because freedom isn’t free.

Do you want someone keeping your legislators honest? That requires oversight. There are plenty of folks eager to do it… But they have bills to pay. That’s why journalism is a profession… and not a hobby. That includes on the local level.

Do you want your children to inherit a democracy? Then you’d better be ready to pony up. Because defending against tyranny has a price. In this case, it’s the price of a daily paper. And, believe me, folks in countries without a free press can tell you freedom is worth it.

How Much Is Your Freedom Worth?

I pay $100 a year – less than $2 a week – for my freedom. That’s the cost of my online newspaper subscription. My wife pays a similar amount for her subscription to a second paper.

Is our democracy worth $200 a year to you? Or even $100? Chances are that’s a lot less than you spend on coffee or donuts each year. But it’s enough to keep scores of journalists holding the government’s feet to the fire day after day.

At least it is if enough of us care about freedom. Including freedom from disease. Because lies and misinformation about COVID-19 abound.

  • Wearing a mask will not protect you.
  • Drinking bleach will not cure you.
  • Colloidal silver has no effect on this virus.

And, for goodness sake, hoarding toilet paper does nothing… Beyond pissing off your neighbors.

Of course, you’d already know all this if you subscribed to a newspaper.

[Full disclosure: This writer once worked for a newspaper – the now-defunct Haverhill Gazette. He probably qualifies as the worst paperboy in history. But even he couldn’t sink a decent paper in the 1960s.]

The Cascade of Lies

Yesterday, the Republican response to the infamous Ukraine transcript was muted. Today, the GOP came out with guns blazing. And – as usual – the Dems seemed unprepared for the onslaught.

Everyone from KellyAnne Conway to Ronna McDaniel to the official GOP Twitter account were flooding social media with their version of the story. And, as you might imagine, it was pretty far removed from reality.

But here’s the thing: As George Orwell pointed out, if you repeat a lie often enough, people begin to believe it.

For instance…

Meet Adam Schiff, Evil-Doer

In his opening statements in today’s hearings, Adam Schiff paraphrased the transcript of the call. He accurately stated the gist of the conversation… but put it more or less in gangster terms. It was crystal clear what he was doing.

That’s okay, social media accounts on the Right immediately posted how Schiff had “made stuff up” and “lied” about what was in the transcript. Technically – taken completely out of context – these claims were true.

When Schiff pointed out he was parodying what went on during the call, the Right was ready. Schiff, they broadcast, has admitted to lying and making stuff up. Again, technically – and taken entirely out of context – true.

But a clear misrepresentation.

That won’t matter to Trump’s core voters, though. They’ll take these half-truths and misrepresentations as gospel. Which erodes what little chance there may have been of waking up some of these Trumpers.

Then there’s poor President Zelensky.

Meet the Embattled National Leader

Imagine living in Ukraine. After decades of domination by the U.S.S.R., your nation wins its freedom. It begins to reach out to the West… and Mother Russia gets royally pissed off.

To make a long story short, an unhappy Russia seizes the Crimean Peninsula – one of your nation’s jewels. At the same time, your giant neighbor foments unrest in your Eastern provinces. And years of looting by crooked Putin-backed politicians has left you low on funds.

Your government needs Western support to survive. And the U.S. is there, dangling hundreds of millions in military aid.

Then your newly elected president gets a call from Donald Trump. We’ve been very good to you, Trump says… but it seems like you haven’t returned the favor.

What can Zelensky – a political neophyte – do? He agrees. 1,000%. We need a favor, Trump tells him.

Could any reasonable person expect Zelensky to refuse? His nation’s existence hangs in the balance… and a powerful potential ally wants a little favor. A favor so small and inconsequential, Trump feels the need to state and restate it eight times.

You say, “Yes,” of course. Your country desperately needs those defense dollars.

Work with A.G. Bill Barr? No problem. And Rudy Giuliani? Done. Investigate a closed investigation? Sure. If you’re worried about your country’s continued existence, you’d agree to a lot more than that.

Now picture Zelensky at a press conference with Trump. Trump says it was just an ordinary, friendly call… right? What do you say in front of all those cameras? You say, “Yes,” of course. “No pushed.”

But if you watch President Zelensky’s face during the press conference, you know differently. This is a man who felt cornered. A man who loves his country so much, he’ll put up with Trump’s lies and bullying to get what Ukraine needs.

Even Zelensky, the professional actor, couldn’t hide how awful he felt in those moments.

The Abandonment of Truth… and Legality

As Trump’s apologists go to work, let’s take a quick look at how the Trump administration has fared legally.

According to The Daily Kos, by September of 2018, Trump’s team had achieved quite a distinction. More members of the Trump administration have been indicted and convicted of federal crimes than any Democratic administration of the last 50 years!

In fact, over the last 50 years (as of September 2018), only 4 members of Democratic campaigns and administrations have been indicted for felonies. For Republicans, the number is 127. If you include foreigners, the numbers change to 4 and 155.

That’s right. Almost 39 times moreRepublican officials have been charged with serious crimes than Democrats. And – at only 2 years old at the time of this survey – Trump’s administration was already second only to Nixon’s.

In the last 50 years, two members of Democratic administrations have been convicted of felonies. For Republicans, that number is 95.

The whistleblower report shows how Trump has used U.S. funds to influence foreign leaders to support his re-election. The report also claims Trump may have used similar tactics before. And that White House operatives have actively sought to cover up for their boss by filing calls on a high-security server… rather than the server where such “routine” calls should be kept.

Yet operatives on the Right continue to defend Trump. Regardless of how far they have to stray from the truth… or how far out of legal bounds Trump roams.

By the numbers, Trump’s administration is corrupt… second only to Nixon’s. With more than 12,000 confirmed lies under his belt, how can anyone believe anything he says?

Yet the Right is flooding social media with distortions – and outright lies – to combat the truth. So their “chosen one” can dismantle our Democracy.

The Left has to stop being silent. We need to speak out – and forcefully. If we don’t stem this cascade of lies, we risk losing it all.


“UPDATED: Comparing Presidential Administrations by felony arrests and convictions,” The Daily Kos. Sep 18, 2018.